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Friday, September 12, 2014 - 9:30am

New, More Moral, Caring Economy – Really Possible?
The New Economy Working Group Is Showing the Way

The New Economy Working Group advocates for a self-correcting New Economy system featuring (1) ecological balance, with reduced aggregate consumption and more balance with the Earth biosphere; (2) more equitable distribution of wealth and income; (3) a “living democracy,” the only true sovereignty, with government of/by/for the People.  (As the Group says, with less Corpratocracy and Plutacracy, and more civic engagement by the People.)

The Group (a/k/a NEWGroup) operates as an “informal alliance” of the Institute for Policy Studies and is connected in various ways to YES! Magazine and the Living Economy Forum, and consists of members from the Institute (such as author David Korten, who is president) (click here for more information).

This week’s Top Story is an analysis of the NEWGroup movement, published by IVN.  “The movement sees its efforts as a course correction to an economy that has become unstable through environmental destruction, concentration of wealth, and political corruption…” IVN also looks at Corporate Knights, the organization that has been ranking sustainable businesses for a decade, compiling the “most sustainable companies” rankings that are closely followed by investors and stakeholders. And, there’s a look at The Democracy Collaborative movement.

The tenets (espoused by these groups/movements) is not new, says author Kat Bullington.  Maybe now society is “materializing the wisdom” set in motion over decades by economic leaders – a natural evolution that forces economic reconciliation between the dark and enlightened sides of [Adam Smith’s views of] self interest…”  Interesting reading for you.

Top Story of the Week

A New Economy: Democratized Capital and Sustainability
(Thursday - September 04, 2014)
Source: IVN - The New Economy’ is striving to make capitalism local, moral, and green. Three main tenets will take us there, according to the New Economy Working Group: ecological balance, equitable distribution, and a living democracy.

Sustainability in Focus

New Technology Helps Companies Choose Products, Ingredients Based on Sustainability
(Friday - September 05, 2014)
Source: Triple Pundit - How can a manufacturer reformulate a cleaning product to contain fewer harmful chemicals, and how can a retailer stock its shelves with more eco-friendly merchandise? UL (Underwriters Laboratories), a product safety testing and...

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