Weekly Highlights December 13, 2013 Weekly Highlights December 13, 2013

SHQ Highlights December 13, 2013
Monday, December 16, 2013 - 12:00pm

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Top Story of the Week

Is Uncle Sam one of your important customers?

If you answered "yes," then do read the top story this week -- it is about the proposed purchasing policy of the federal government as expressed in a statement from the US Environmental Protection Agency last week.  Draft guidelines are coming that will help the government buy "greener" and "safer" (more sustainable) products.  As with draft rules or guidelines, public comments are invited.  The federal agencies comprise the largest buyer of goods and services in the world.  And the effort is underway to reduce the government's environmental footprint overall with the goal of achieving  a 95% rate in sustainable purchases.

This is expected as well to encourage businesses and consumers -- and other public sector entities -- to seek out more sustainable  products (and spur manufacturers to provide more of the same).  There are non-public sector standards and eco-labeling initiatives that the federal government purchasing managers will use as part of the government-wide initiative. 

President Obama issued Executive Order #13514 (October 5, 2009), with the goal of achieving "Leadership in Environmental, Energy and Economic Performance," with government-wide participation. The USEPA move is one part of the program -- you can learn more online.

EPA Proposes New Guidelines for Greener Federal Purchases 
(Friday - December 06, 2013) 
Source: EPA — The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is proposing draft guidelines that will help the federal government buy greener and safer products. In response to broad stakeholder interest, EPA is seeking public...

The rise of sustainability reporting in the corporate world
(Tuesday - December 03, 2013) 
Source: Trucks at Work - Trucking is long familiar with efforts to make freight transportation more “sustainable” in terms of reducing fuel consumption and carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. Indeed, a wide variety of companies are also embracing...

Sustainability in Focus

Sustainability will dominate post-2015 development agenda
(Friday - December 06, 2013) 
Source: European Voice - Development ministers from the European Union's member states will gather in Brussels next Thursday (12 December) to push forward discussion about the international development agenda after 2015. The European Union and its member...

Pioneer Of Global Sustainable Investing Honored With 2013 Sri Service Award
(Friday - December 06, 2013) 
Source: Boston Common Asset Management - Geeta Aiyer, Founder and President of Boston Common Asset Management, was honored in late October with the 2013 SRI Service Award. The annual award recognizes outstanding contributions to the Sustainable, Responsible, Impact...

New initiative for sustainable fashion
(Thursday - December 05, 2013) Associated Profiles :Business for Social Responsibility 
Source: - The Danish Fashion Institute, (through Nordic Initiative Clean and Ethical) and consultancy firm Business for Social Responsibility (BSR) have launched a new joint initiative to help...

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