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Oct 28, 2009 1:00 PM ET

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(3BLMedia/theCSRfeed) The objective of a Senior Sustainability Officer or a Green Officer is first to advise the Office of Management and Budget (OMB). Next, is to serve in the dual capacity of the Steering Committee on Strengthening Federal Environmental, Energy, and Transportation Management designated by the Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ) pursuant to section 4 Executive order 13423.  Then, facilitate the implementation of each agency’s Strategic Sustainability Performance Plan; and lastly, to share information and promote progress towards the goals of this order.
This new legislation that has just passed is going to impact every business in America no matter how large or how small.  We will soon see this take effect in government owned businesses, organizations, and then it will trickle down to smaller businesses.  At first, companies might see this new legislation as bad news that is going to cost more money that businesses don’t have.  However, this legislation give companies a great opportunity to save money internally and externally.
These new Green Officers are going to help companies reach the demands of this executive order, which use duplex mode for printers, purchase Energy Star equipment, and reduce of our potable water.  Tracking Green House Gases (GHG) is also another interesting step into a new pattern of operation.  Also, be aware that the Supreme Court has required the EPA to regulate all (GHG) under the Clean Air Act.  A Green Officer will enforce and implement these sustainable practices by creating a Green program or plan for that specific company depending on what their service or profession is.  
To help companies cope with this difficult transaction of implementing a new Green Officer in their work place, the Green Business League has developed a Green Officer Training.  The Green Officer Training offers a complete training program into two and a half, fast-paced days, and show any business how to properly install an environmental program that anyone can appreciate.  The Green transition has been left to the best efforts of a few in-house employees who have no formal training in environmental principles.  Good intentions that are stopped by limited information will lead to a program that lacks integrity.
For people who attend the Green Officer Training, they will be provided with a heavy introduction to the Greening process.  They will be shown how to install a program that deserves respect and will actually cut company costs.  Green is also about efficiencies, and we know how to make Green pay in the short and long run.  The final project at the Green Officer Training is to prepare a Green program for your business that fits the needs of your company and allows your team to control the utilization of the program.  You will leave with the knowledge, the ability, and skill to plan an Authentically Green Program in your company.
It is difficult to imagine that the frustrating problems of environmental duties could be so well organized that a two-day session will produce such superior results, but it will. In clear and profession material, the Green Officer Training will provide a wealth of education on all the most essential issues in the Green World. In fact, the last segment provides a Green program that will allow any business to Go Green regardless of size or type. 
Green Officer Training offers a noteworthy edge for any business. Don’t waste time "trying to be Green, and doing a poor job of it," when actually establishing a Green program will give your business a Green Business certification worth earning. Find out how Going Green will not only save your business a great deal of money each year, but you will also benefit from the impressive marketing value of an authentically Green certification.
It is the smart move to get your Green program out of the Greenwashing phase and into the Green practice program.  The Green Business League is the best way to make this happen.  Designate your Green officer right away either by using the Green Officer Training program or by requesting the assistance of a Certified Green Consultant from the Green Business League.

President Obama has recently signed Executive Order 13514, which moves the Green issue several steps forward.  This executive order is an extension of George Bush’s executive order 13423.  While President George W. Bush issued executive order 13423 covering climate change issues, the significant difference between the Obama Executive Order on climate change and the previous one concerned the focus on the primary problem - greenhouse gas reduction.  Agencies must now monitor and report their GHG output and comply with other environmental requirements.  It must be noted that the order impacts government agencies, but can the same mandates for corporations in America be far behind?

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