Support for Women and Children in Camps in the North of France

Apr 21, 2017 3:05 PM ET

Despite the displacement of migrants, following the dismantling of the camps in late 2016 and the Great Synthe fire in early April 2017, the number of people in the region is estimated at 2,300 people including 300 women and children, living in the jungles or in the wild, without a fixed camp. With the arrival of spring, humanitarian organizations fear the influx of new migrants into the area.

Faced with the worrying health situation, the Foundation, which has partnered Gynécologie Sans Frontière (GSF - Gynecology without Borders) since 2012, has decided to continue its support for the "Caminor Project" until December 2017.

Starting at the end of 2015, Caminor's mission is to take care of women and their children both medically and psycho-socially.

Volunteer midwives and gynecologists from GSF:

  • Provide screening, tracking and follow-up services for pregnant women,
  • Organize transfers of women from the camps to nearby gynecological and obstetrical services for medical procedures (gynecological and obstetric consultations, obstetric ultrasound, births, gynecological surgery, etc.),
  • Lead group and prevention therapy,
  • Care for women who are victims of violence.

On top of these daily activities, since December 2016 their work has included running three apartments as "Shelters for victims of violence" and coordinating the Women’s Center of the Grande Synthe camp, which receives women and children during the day.

Since November 2015, GSF has carried out nearly 4,500 actions during 34 missions by 157 volunteers. 

The Foundation has supported GSF's actions in Calais since early 2016.