Suppliers Share Our Commitment for a Sustainable Future

Jun 9, 2016 5:35 PM ET

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Our suppliers play an important role in sustainable operations. Since 2011, we’ve awarded vendors who excel in responsible business practices.

At AT&T, we strive for sustainable operations. Our suppliers play an important role in this. Since 2011, we’ve awarded vendors who excel in responsible business practices.

And we’re doing it again today.

“Supplier sustainability is a top priority at AT&T. That’s why we work with companies that take it as seriously as we do,” said Susan A. Johnson, senior vice president, Global Supply Chain at AT&T. “Our 2015 award winners set new standards for sustainable business practices. They’re helping us drive a more environmentally responsible industry.”

These companies achieved sustainability excellence in 4 categories. These include process improvement, energy efficiency, environment and packaging.


Fujitsu provided AT&T with significant network energy savings through the release of 2 new transponder modules using Green Chip DSPs. DSPs are Digital Signal Processors. These modules boost network capacity and lower power requirements, which saves costs.


We installed Optelligent’s Enterprise Building Management System solution. This improved energy efficiency and cut maintenance costs through the remote monitoring of equipment at critical sites.


In 2015, we chose Fortune Group to support transportation, recovery and recycling strategy. They helped process 54 million pounds of AT&T electronic waste.


Motivating Graphics improved the environmental sustainability of our GoPhone packaging. They helped with plastic reduction, better transportation cubic efficiency, U.S. kitting and reducing overall carbon footprint.  

We salute these 2015 achievements and look forward to what our suppliers can bring to support our sustainability goals in the future. 

This post was orginally posted in the AT&T Newsroom.