Special Discount Rate Ends Today for Sustainability for Leaders Course Level 2: Practitioners

Dec 15, 2011 3:00 PM ET

Special Discount Rate Ends Today for Sustainability for Leaders Course Level 2:…

The Natural Step Canada’s Sustainability for Leaders Course - Level 2: Practitioners is an advanced program taught by inspirational speakers that draws upon 20 years of practical experience to enable its graduates to design and manage sustainability initiatives in their business, community, or organization. After a successful Level 2: Practitioners course in 2011 in Banff, we're excited to be offering the course again in 2012.

This course is geared toward experienced sustainability professionals, managers, analysts, academics and consultants who want to deepen their learning, refine their application of The Natural Step Framework for Strategic Sustainable Development and enhance their ability to integrate sustainability meaningfully into organizations.

Course participants will plunge deeply into sustainability planning, implementation and analysis while applying their learning in a field of their choosing through project work. Examples could include: hospitality and tourism, engineering and transportation, industrial manufacturing, information technology, financial services, municipal service delivery, media, food service, energy, utilities, environment management, and others.

Special discount rate ends today! Visit http://www.thenaturalstep.org/en/canada/sustainability-for-leaders-course-level-2 for more information and to register.


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