Sustainability For Leaders Course: Level 1 in Toronto - Space is limited

A Transformative Approach to Innovation, Strategy, and Results
Nov 1, 2012 2:35 PM ET

Sustainability For Leaders Course: Level 1 in Toronto - Space is limited

The Natural Step Canada’s Level 1 Sustainability Course: Foundations in Strategy is an opportunity to apply the core concepts of sustainability. In this compelling 1-day workshop you will work through a hands-on case study using The Natural Step Framework for Strategic Sustainable Development, giving you the knowledge and tools to better understand “strategy” and take a systemic approach to planning and managing sustainability initiatives. After this workshop, you will be better equipped to take a sustainability leadership role in your organization to capture value, enable innovation, and drive strategy.

This course is taught by engaging facilitators who have worked with businesses and communities—large and small—across Canada and around the world. It draws upon The Natural Step’s 20 years of practical sustainability experience researching, developing, and refining our approach with countless global clients and partners.

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The Natural Step Canada is a dynamic non-profit organization with over a decade of experience helping organizations and individuals understand and make meaningful progress toward sustainability.

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