Is Shock and Awe Effective in Cause Marketing?

Jun 10, 2011 2:00 PM ET

Threatening A Goldfish to Save the Oceans

We're excited to share an op-ed piece about Project Kaisei's "Save Kai" campaign that appeared in AdAge's Good Works Blog. The article addresses the question: Is Shock and Awe Effective in Cause Marketing? Drawing on examples of various cause-related campaigns consumers have encountered in recent years, the article makes a strong case for why campaigns must address both the "wow" AND the "why" elements to trully be effective. Check out the AdAge article here and then visit Kai on Facebook.


About "Save Kai"

Non-profit group Project Kaisei (Kī -say), launched a 24/7 live streaming video campaign on FACEBOOK to call attention to the impact of plastic pollution in the world’s oceans and help fund its next ocean cleanup expedition this summer. Every donation removes a piece of plastic from Kai’s future home – a polluted part of an aquarium-sized garbage patch filled with plastic bottles, toothbrushes and other material found in the North Pacific Gyre.

You can follow Kai onTwitter and post comments to his Facebook page.