Save Kai > Facebook Fundraising Campaign

Save Kai > Facebook Fundraising Campaign
A Goldfish named Kai, brings a massive global issue right to our computer screens. Can one goldfish inspire action against plastic pollution in the world's oceans?  
Non-profit group Project Kaisei (Kī -say), launched a 24/7 live streaming video campaign on FACEBOOK to call attention to the impact of plastic pollution in the world’s oceans and help fund its next ocean cleanup expedition this summer.
Every donation removes a piece of plastic from Kai’s future home – a polluted part of an aquarium-sized garbage patch filled with plastic bottles, toothbrushes and other material found in the North Pacific Gyre.
Kai’s “struggle” for a clean home is a metaphor for thousands of marine life that suffer daily due to encroaching plastic in one of the most remote ecosystems on the planet. Our hero is actually living behind a glass wall, safely separating him from the plastic. 
The “Save Kai” campaign ends on June 10th following World Ocean’s Day. You can  follow Kai on Twitter and post comments to his Facebook page.
** Cohn & Wolfe designed and developed the digital campaign on a shoestring budget for pro bono client Project Kaisei.**

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