"Save Kai" Gets a Boost From Hollywood Celebs

Jun 14, 2011 8:00 AM ET
Kai (Creative).JPG

Last week the Twitterverse was buzzing with mentions of the “Save Kai” campaign by top Hollywood celebs. In addition to continued support from Mermaid Linden, Kai was cited by Twilight star Peter Facinelli, TV host and personality Danny Boome, and celebrity chef Evette Rios. Tweets calling attention to the digital fundraising campaign boosted Kai’s popularity as the unconventional star of an ‘eco-reality show’ and further raised awareness of Project Kaisei’s efforts to tackle the Plastic Vortex.

By popular demand, the “Save Kai” campaign has been extended until June 30th giving consumers more time to check out Kai’s story on Facebook and make a donation to save him. All proceeds of the “Save Kai” campaign will help fund Project Kaisei’s next ocean cleanup voyage, set for this summer.

For more information about Kai and Project Kaisei visit http://on.fb.me/savekainow.


About “Save Kai”

Non-profit group Project Kaisei (Kī -say), launched a 24/7 live streaming video campaign on FACEBOOK to call attention to the impact of plastic pollution in the world’s oceans and help fund its next ocean cleanup expedition this summer. Every donation removes a piece of plastic from Kai’s future home – a polluted part of an aquarium-sized garbage patch filled with plastic bottles, toothbrushes and other material found in the North Pacific Gyre.

You can follow Kai on Twitter and post comments to his Facebook page.