Sew Awesome! Children International Volunteer Mothers Start Their Own Sewing Business

Jan 16, 2014 1:05 PM ET

Sew Awesome!

By Lindsey Quinn

Volunteer mother Alejandra harbors no illusions about her neighborhood in Jalisco, Mexico: “There is a lot of crime and drug abuse, lots of violence and school dropouts.” It was exactly these threats that led the mother of three sponsored children to volunteer with Children International. Little did she know that this act of generosity would lead to new skills and a new business.

Like most volunteers, Alejandra started her volunteer duties performing tasks such as delivering notifications and filing paperwork. Soon, though, she learned about the “Women Agents of Change” program offered through her Children International community center. All volunteer mothers are invited to participate in the program, which operates in three stages. First, mothers attend workshops on gender equality and women’s rights, self-esteem, violence and other topics. Women who complete this year-long course may move on to stage two, which provides leadership training and an opportunity to lead children in sports. After completing this section and earning leadership experience, mothers may participate in a third year of training during which they develop micro-enterprise projects.

It was during this third stage, about three years ago, that Alejandra met Lourdes and Pilar. The three women decided to pursue training in sewing and dressmaking and began a small sewing project.

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