The Rising Green Job Movement In Chicago, IL

Feb 14, 2011 12:30 PM ET

(3BLMedia/theCSRfeed) February 14, 2011 - Let's be honest.  We know that the environmental issue is a growing tsunami of global threat.  We also know that most people have only a minimal knowledge of what to do.  Governments are pushing this agenda strongly, as world population has more than doubled and will soon triple from the 1950's era.  Limited resources and increased demand means that change must happen.

We have seen hundreds of environmental jobs pop up across the country in the past couple of years.  Some have survived and others have failed.  What they all seem to have in common is an inability to break through the resistance that still exists in the marketplace.  The reason is that the business community is uncertain of the meaning, involvement, and cost of Green programs.

The Certified Green Consultant Training offers consulting companies and individuals the opportunity to use a national standard that is proven and effective for consulting and certifying any business. In America alone, 30 million businesses provide a serious market that needs professional guidance in their Green and Sustainable programs. This is an emerging business that is getting hot right now. We are seeking Green consultant firms and Green consultants with experience and leadership qualities who will work hard to make a difference.  Doors will open for those who see this as their vehicle for success.

The Green Business League has come out with new and innovative software that will literally remove every excuse and provide a kind of “viral market” for businesses that would like to go Green, but do not know how.  The Green Business League has been studying the dynamics of this market for some time and has invested tens of thousands of dollars into the first interactive software that will revolutionize the marketplace.

In fact, the expectation is that this software will reach more than 100,000 businesses across America. Why?   We frankly “Broke the Code” and have made this very expensive software FREE OF CHARGE via the Internet.  Secondly, this software will DEPLOY across larges markets in a matter of days.   We anticipate that we will see whole communities adopt the software as a proven, powerful, affordable, and usable solution to the challenge of installing a Green program for this business community.

Green Business League invites serious business professionals to Chicago, IL on March 24-26 and also in Los Angeles on May 26-28 for a three day training to become a Certified Green Consultant.  There are three parts to our training program.  The fist is the Pre-Class Material that is sent to each student once they enroll in one of our classes.  This material is important for orientation and to provoke your thinking.  The three-day Live Class is a fast-paced presentation of general and topic subjects that will make you "knowledgeable" on nearly every environmental topic.  Finally, you will participate in a year-long training and support program designed to round out your education.

The final day of the live classes will deal with "How to Market your Business as a Green Consultant."  This is something that is missing in nearly every educational program.  The "How To" part is very important, and your success is very important to more than the Green Business League.  Every consultant is, frankly, an agent of change in their community.  Learning to be the Green “go to” person in your community will not happen because you are well educated, but because you are using a nationally recognized program that works.

Please do not wait for the GBL Certified Green Consultant Training to eventually get to your area.  Reserve your seat for a training city that you can reach with modest effort.  These three-day training sessions are packed with information designed to make you "knowledgeable" on a wide variety of environmental topics. If your schedule does not allow you to make the live Green Consultant Class Training, we also offer Online Training.  This online training is similar to the live training because there is course material, slide shows, and a training video with a real instructor.  This training is self-paced, and there is an online test at the end.  You will need to pass the course and get your certification to become a Certified Green Consultant through the Green Business League. Go to to find out more information or to sign up.


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