By Refuting Clean Energy Rules, Arizona Also Passes on an Unprecedented Economic Opportunity

Jan 26, 2022 3:20 PM ET
Campaign: State Policy
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January 26, 2022 /3BL Media/ - The Arizona Corporation Commission’s rejection of the state’s proposed Clean Energy Rules is a disappointing outcome for companies, institutions, employers, and energy consumers that supported the ambitious plan to create a carbon-free electric grid by 2070 and reduce energy waste across the state, according to the sustainability nonprofit Ceres.

“Companies across Arizona know that strong clean energy and energy efficiency standards are good business — promising energy savings and building a competitive state economy, while preventing the financial risks of the climate crisis,” said Jennifer Helfrich, senior manager, state policy, Ceres. “The Corporation Commission’s decision today to reject these ambitious Clean Energy Rules is a considerable disappointment for the leading businesses and organizations that pushed for Arizona to capture the many benefits of cleaning up its electric grid. It’s also a missed opportunity for Arizona to cement itself as a leader in the clean energy economy of the future. We will continue working with leading companies and investors to advance clean energy policies and investments across Arizona, and urge policymakers to consider other avenues to advance the state’s urgent economic, climate, and energy needs as soon as possible.”

Employers, energy consumers, and trade organizations in Arizona supported the Clean Energy Rules to help companies save money, generate economic growth by attracting business to Arizona, and spark energy innovation across the state.

In August, more than 30 organizations — including Apple, Google, Mars, Microsoft, Nikola Motors, PayPal, REI, Salesforce — wrote to the ACC calling for the Rules to be passed.

“We have an opportunity to make Arizona’s economy more robust and resilient by investing in clean energy technologies,” they wrote. “States with robust clean energy standards create policy certainty - attracting companies seeking to make long-term investments consistent with their sustainability and financial goals. Clean energy helps businesses and institutions save money, hedge against volatile fuel prices, and stay competitive.”

In October, Ceres, a nonprofit that works with companies and investors on sustainability policy, partnered with the Arizona Technology Council on an analysis to expose faulty assumptions about the implementation of the Rules.

“We are disappointed in the Arizona Corporation Commission’s decision to not pass the clean Energy Rules that would provide an immediate boost to our economy, the technology sector and the protection of our environment,” said Steven G. Zylstra, president and CEO, Arizona Technology Council. “Despite this ruling, the Council remains committed to advocating deeper investment in clean energy and legislation that promotes the usage of clean energy technologies.”

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