Recognizing Excellence: Covia’s Plants Nominated for WHC Awards

Apr 16, 2024 1:45 PM ET
A bird in flight

Two of Covia’s plants are nominees for awards from the Wildlife Habitat Council (WHC) this year. To be eligible for these awards, facilities must be certified by the WHC with outstanding voluntary programs that aim to create, conserve, and restore wildlife habitat.

Our plant in Emmett, Idaho, has been nominated for the WHC Avian Award in recognition of projects focused on bird conservation and improved stewardship of avian habitat. Additionally, Covia’s Tunnel City, Wisconsin, plant is a nominee for the WHC Bats and Pollinators Awards for dedicated efforts towards habitat enhancement. Both plants are proud of their projects and their contributions to wildlife habitat enhancement and conservation education.

Covia’s partnership with WHC spans 35 years, demonstrating our long-standing commitment to conservation. Partnering with WHC continues to help us align our land use and management efforts with best practices for biodiversity and ecological balance. Covia looks forward to gaining valuable insights into various programs and projects at the 2024 WHC Conservation Conference in Baltimore, Maryland in June. For more information about Covia’s many biodiversity and conservation efforts at WHC-certified sites, visit