Recognition in Innovation: CNH Wins Golden Cube Seal 2024

Mar 29, 2024 4:00 PM ET
Four people holding the Golden Cube award

CNH reinforces its commitment to open and collaborative innovation by receiving, for the second year in a row, the Golden Cube Seal. The award highlights companies, startups, partners and investors of Cubo Itaú (an international startup community in Brazil) that have stood out in the last year. This time, the company was recognized in the Engagement category, which integrates connections, challenges, and proofs of concepts carried out in the last year.

The award event took place at the end of February, in São Paulo (SP), at the headquarters of Cubo Itaú. "This award shows that our approach and culture of decentralized innovation is generating tangible results and becoming a differentiator for CNH. Our people are increasingly involved and engaged, making connections that go beyond the sector, being trained and sharing knowledge and technology to create, face challenges and foster business growth," said Maurício Infantini, Innovation PMO at CNH.

Last year, CNH was awarded in the Challenge Generator category, as the company that published the most challenges on the Cubo Network platform in 2022. The company is also among the 10 largest applicants of invention patents in 2023, in a survey released by the National Institute of Industrial Property (INPI), also being among the leaders of private companies that invest the most in patents, in addition to being recognized as the most innovative in the Automotive and Large Vehicle Sector and the tenth most innovative in Brazil by the Valor Innovation Award 2023.

With more than 40 employees from different areas acting as focal points in the Cube, CNH and its brands developed projects, created connections and business opportunities with the innovation ecosystem. This award is a demonstration of the company’s commitment to innovation in technology for a brighter future for farming and construction work.