Q&A with Mitch Jackson- Vice President Of Environmental Affairs and Sustainability, FedEx Corporation

May 5, 2015 5:00 PM ET


Q. Climate change, urbanization and globalization are just a few of the issues facing our world today. How does global citizenship help FedEx to address these concerns and to effectively operate in a rapidly changing marketplace?

A. At the most basic level, we serve our customers by providing high-value- added logistics, transportation and related business services. And we do so day in and day out to the very best of our abilities. We strive to make every customer experience outstanding—what we call the “Purple Promise.” But beyond moving packages from point A to point B, we also connect the world—and we aim to do so responsibly and resourcefully.  This means minimizing  impacts  on the  environment and congestion, improving the safety of streets in cities around the world, utilizing our infrastructure to provide disaster relief and linking people to thriving markets and economies.

What global citizenship achievements are you most proud of?

Our people are at the heart of FedEx. When you look at what our team members do in moving possibilities for our customers and communities, it’s hard not to marvel at their dedication, strengths, diverse backgrounds and impact around the world. FedEx® Fuel Sense team members have, for example, helped us save more than 334 million gallons of jet fuel since 2007, which equals 3.25 million metric tons of carbon emissions avoided, in addition to the economic savings. And our FedEx Express Vehicles team is within a half of a percentage point of our goal on vehicle fuel efficiency, five years ahead of schedule.

Our logistics expertise applies beyond our core business and benefits communities  and stakeholders the world over. We’re the logistical backbone for Orbis and its Flying Eye Hospitals. We work with EMBARQ to develop smart public transportation systems in growing mega-cities. We support legislation to reduce environmental and societal impacts of the transportation industry. And these are just a few examples. It’s tough to pinpoint only a few areas of the transfor- mative work we are doing, so I encourage you to read on and learn more about the breadth and scope of our activities.

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As Vice President of Environmental Affairs and Sustainability for FedEx Corporation, Mitch Jackson leads the strategic direction and provides vision for all aspects of the company’s sustainability initiatives and environmental innovations and technologies. In this role, Jackson also provides counsel on corporate projects to ensure they include an environmental and sustainability perspective that supports the company’s leadership role and eco-advantage.