Put Your Business on the Green Path – New Software for Green Business

Nov 25, 2010 10:00 AM ET

(3BLMedia/theCSRfeed) November 25, 2010 - How long do you think it will take to take your company Green?  How long would it take to get the businesses of your community to Go Green?  How long will we struggle to become a Green country?  At the current pace, we will still be struggling to reach Green compliance ten years from today, and that is simply how it is everywhere.  But, what if we could start fresh and develop a system so efficient, effective, and universally applicable that we could take a community or city into a Green program in just 30 days!  And what if it was free?

Our progress into a Green and sustainable society has been disjointed and difficult.  We realize that expensive and exhausting programs like LEED and ISO are good, but they are not easily installed or universally applicable.  The question begs to be answered, “Isn’t there a way to make Green and sustainable practices available to everyone and all types of businesses?”

The Green Path Assessment program will publicly launch on January 1st, 2011.  Every business, whether large or small, may sign on and participate in a guided program for developing a Green business.  There are three basic steps required that need not be costly.  The first step is to appoint a Green officer within the company.  This concept comes from Executive Order #13514 that was signed by President Obama in the fall of 2009.  More and more businesses realize that Green practices need a representative internally rather than paying a heavy fee for outside consultanting.  If the Green office needs training and support, the Green Business League offers one of the most complete online training programs in the world for sustainability officers.

The second step is just as easy.  Each company may sign up for the Green Path Assessment software that is designed to guide any size company into Greener and more sustainable operation.  There are more than a thousand possible applications, and each application has a point value in the system.  Since Going Green is not about “Perfection, but Progress,” the design is to get every area business making progress.  That progress is measurable through a point system, although no two companies may accomplish a Green program in exactly the same way.

The third step is equally simple, but brings the individual efforts to a level of credible recognition.  Once a company has implemented Green practices that amount to more than 100 points, they can be certified via a live audit process.  This is needed to eliminate Greenwashing from the marketplace and to identify legitimate Green businesses that deserve the recognition and business of other Green businesses.

Thereafter, businesses will continue to use the Green Path software to improve the Green IQ of the company.  The point system allows certification at the silver level starting with 100 points, but goes as high as 1500 points.  This is done because companies will not go Green in on effort.  It takes time to install and develop a full Green and sustainable program that is also understood by the management and employees.  In practice, we are talking of a three to five year effort to fully convert an average business as it exists today.

City and community leaders are encouraged to consider adoption of the GREEN PATH system for several reasons.  How long will it take to invent, perfect, and deploy any other Green business program?  Present systems cannot deploy throughout the community.  That is why every city, state, and country will be only marginally down the road of environmental success in the next ten years.  We have endured twenty years of Green rhetoric so far with very little change in our communities.  Most businesses would not rate well under any reliable Green auditing system.  Yet, by adopting the GREEN PATH system, a community program can be installed without cost allowing every business in the city to use the system immediately.  Since there is no cost and the system is easy to use, deployment is rapid and powerful.  In essence, 10,000 businesses may sign up and begin reaching for Green certification status in as little as 30 days.

Large corporations will find that this system provides a pre-thought system that allows deployment throughout the multiple offices as well.  Whether in other states or countries, the three step program asks that each office install a trained Green officer (or CSO) who will work in the facility to integrate the Green practices in the Green Path system.  Custom designed applications allow for unique checklists to be designed for any type of company prototype.  The Green Business League works with corporations to implement the Green Path project throughout the operation regardless of location.

Getting the Green Path program for your area is also very easy.  The Green Business League seeks to work with those persons or groups with strong business influence.  The full impact of the Green Path program is freely available to every business, but has its best impact when there is community support that invites all businesses to join the effort.  


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