Poop to Plastic and Other Bio-degradable Plastics

Apr 30, 2011 8:26 AM ET
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Coca-cola recently stocked shelves with their 'PlantBottle', hailed as the first 100% recyclable plant-based bottle which is a 70/30 mix of traditional plastics and bio-based plastics. While these new bottles can be recycled without gumming up recycling equipment, the down side is they aren't biodegradable. As the Pacific Gyre continues to grow, biodegradable plastics are starting to sound like a really good idea. Want to hear about some burgeoning technologies that are in the works to make plastic that is totally bio-degradable and made from plentiful materials like .... municipal waste water sludge. More on Poop to Plastic and Other Bio-degradable Plastics ...



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