Confidentiality, Quality and Results Make RecycleMatch Unique

Addressing common FAQs about RecycleMatch's new online service to buy, sell or give waste and recyclables
Mar 21, 2011 8:52 AM ET
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RecycleMatch Zero Waste Blog

Quality, confidentiality, results. These are requirements RecycleMatch customers demand, and they are all related and interdependent.  Let me explain. In order to get companies to list materials that they normally wouldn’t, they need to have confidence that they have complete confidentiality and they won’t be bombarded with undesired messages.  By delivering this experience, it enables our site to have unique materials listed that can’t be found anywhere else, which is what our buyers want. 

Not only do our customers want confidentiality but they also want our site to be results driven. Who wants to pay unless you get the value you want?   The combination of confidentiality and pay-for-performance pricing leads to the optimal outcome. How does this all get put into practice? (Read more about what RecycleMatch customers demand here.) 

RecycleMatch is the first online marketplace that allows companies to buy, sell or give waste and recyclables, making the commodity recycling market more efficient and opening up new markets for materials currently considered waste. RecycleMatch connects companies that have waste such as plastics, textiles, paper, chemicals, food and organics, electronics, building materials and others, with those seeking to reuse, upcycle, recycle or downcycle materials in a wide range of industries. Located in Austin, RecycleMatch was named to Entrepreneur Magazine’s Most Brilliant Ideas list in 2010. For more information or to make a match, visit