Pledge, Play & Recycle! Coca-Cola Enterprises and Tesco Launch Joint Campaign to Encourage Customers in GB to Recycle More

Sep 10, 2014 6:00 AM ET

Pledge, Play & Recycle! Coca-Cola Enterprises and Tesco launch joint campaign t…

Coca-Cola Enterprises (CCE) and Tesco are teaming up in an attempt to boost recycling rates in Great Britain with a new online campaign to engage and educate consumers.

From September, Tesco customers will be directed to a dedicated website for the Recycling is the Answer campaign, where they will be invited to ‘pledge, play and recycle’. Participants make a commitment to recycle more at home and play a themed game, sorting a variety of packaging into the appropriate recycling bin in a virtual kitchen.

The campaign brings an element of fun to the process for consumers while providing guidance on the often confusing issue of which materials can and cannot be recycled. It also aims to spread the message between consumers. All participants receive 25 Clubcard points or a 50p coupon for pledging, but can earn a further 25 points by sharing their recycling promise with friends on Facebook or Twitter.

Nick Brown, Associate Director of Recycling for Coca-Cola Enterprises, said: “Thecampaign is the result of our shared dedication with Tesco to reduce our carbon footprint and help customers do the same in their homes. Past initiatives have demonstrated the power of pledging combined with awareness raising, and we hope Recycling is the Answer willhave a similar impact. We are committed to helping the public make positive changes and hope the fun and practical tips provided in this campaign will address some of the barriers to at-home recycling.”    

David Beardmore, Category Buying Manager – Soft Drinks for Tesco said: “We want to do all we can to reduce our own carbon footprint and help customers find simple ways to recycle more at home. In partnership with Coca-Cola Enterprises, we’re launching the Recycling is the Answer campaign, an initiative designed to show how easy at-home recycling can be. The campaign will offer helpful tips and advice as well as the chance to earn Clubcard points, so we’re looking forward to sharing it with our customers.”

After playing, customers receive a follow-up email to congratulate them on making their pledge and an invite to take part in weekly prize draws, with the chance to win an additional 3,000 Clubcard points.

The new collaboration between CCE and Tesco aims to build upon the success of their 2013Together We’re Making Recycling Count campaign. Around 37,000 recycling pledges were made and over two thirds of participants who rarely or never recycled said they now ‘always’ or ‘mostly’ recycle as a result of last year’s initiative.