Infineo 2.0 - The First Online Circular Economy Platform

Jan 14, 2015 10:00 AM ET

Infineo 2.0 - The first online circular economy platform

Coca-Cola Enterprises (CCE) have launched Infineo 2.0, an online virtual version of its French plastic recycling centre to enable young people and teachers to learn more about the circular economy and recycling.

According to a study conducted by CCE, only 1 in 2 plastic bottles in France is recycled. Among young people, only 49% of people under 35 say they are active recyclers.

To raise awareness of the issues around recycling, CCE opened Infineo in 2013, an education centre dedicated to the circular economy located at the largest plastic PET recycling plant in France. A visit to the education centre and industrial site allows young people and their teachers to learn about how we recycle and reuse used plastic bottles and why it is essential to recycle waste.

To go further and to educate young people and their teachers from all over France and beyond, CCE have now launched Infineo 2.0 – an online platform that enables anyone to take a virtual tour of the factory, download factsheets and learn more about recycling and waste sorting practices.

Click here to visit Infineo 2.0! 

Did you know?

  • 1/3: is CCE’s carbon footprint reduction objective, across our entire value chain
  • 47% of our carbon footprint is generated by packaging
  • Infineo is the first ever education centre dedicated to the circular economy of packaging
  • €8.7 million have been invested by CCE in Infineo, in partnership with plastics recycler APPE
  • CCE’s plastic bottles in France contain 32% recycled PET, sourced from Infineo
  • 5,000 young people are expected to visit Infineo each year