'Happiness Recycled’ Tour Reaches More than One Million People

Oct 27, 2014 10:00 AM ET

'Happiness Recycled’ tour reaches more than one million people

Between June and September 2014, Coca-Cola Enterprises took its ‘Happiness Recycled’ campaign on tour, educating over a million people on the benefits of recycling and encouraging them to change their recycling behaviour.

The tour took in ten great events, including festivals across Great Britain and France, from British Summer Time in Hyde Park to the Braderie de Lille!

Equipped with innovative bins, a wide variety of games and even a flash mob or two, the tour aims to engage festival-goers in fresh and fun ways, helping them understand how small changes in their recycling behavior can make a big difference. These efforts support our overall commitment to raise recycling awareness and reduce the carbon footprint of our beverages by one-third by 2020. 

Attendees were given photos in magnetic frames to take home to remember their recycling experience, to ensure that they continued their new-found recycling habits and to share and inspire others to do the same. CCE is committed to driving change in people’s recycling behavior and has spread its recycling message at festivals to 6 million people since 2010.