Plan for Tomorrow by Supporting Vulnerable Communities Today

Nov 6, 2019 11:35 AM ET

Plan for Tomorrow by Supporting Vulnerable Communities Today

by Ebony Perkins, Investor & Community Relations Manager, Self-Help Credit Union

At Self-Help we have long believed that it is crucial to invest in communities on the front lines of harm from climate change, and we are committed to this fight. Our mission is to create and protect economic opportunity for all. While our work benefits communities of all kinds, our focus is on those who may be underserved, including people of color, women, rural residents and low-income families and communities. We have made loans totaling over $386 million to projects with environmental benefits: recycling businesses, land conservation, efficient affordable housing, and solar energy.

Over time, as we worked to help families build wealth, we recognize that they are being increasingly affected by more-frequent, more-intense hurricanes, wildfires, and irregular weather that were much less common decades ago. We see that we need to create new tools to help our members adapt to and bounce back from the shocks and stresses of changing climate. In that work, we look to our innovative borrowers to take on environmental stewardship in ways that work for their communities. Read this article for examples of the direct investments that Self-Help has made to entrepreneurs, homeowners and community organizations who are affected by environmental issues.

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