P&G Believes We All Can Lead Gender Equality Progress in STEM

Feb 13, 2023 11:00 AM ET

As a company built on the innovation our products have provided consumers for more than 185 years, we understand the important contributions women in science make — not only to our company’s success — but to our world’s.

Yet, today women make up only 28%1 of the workforce in STEM, and men vastly outnumber women majoring in most STEM fields in college. The gender gaps are particularly high in some of the fastest-growing and highest-paid jobs too,2 like computer science and engineering. That’s why this International Day of Women and Girls in Science (February 11th) and every day, P&G is committed to driving education, understanding and action around some of the most relevant issues of gender equality in STEM.

Inspiring Leaders of Tomorrow 
To begin their career journeys, it’s vital that girls see themselves in STEM. With the opportunity and responsibility we have as one of the world’s largest advertisers, we’re helping to diversify the voices we hear and the images we see — including women in STEM.

Today we’re also kicking off our We All Lead Series to explore the power of young change-makers to inspire impact, remove bias and ignite inclusive futures, kicking off with a focus on girls in STEM.

Expanding Community Impact 
We know we cannot achieve gender equality working alone. To increase our impact, we also bring together partner organizations who share our commitment to gender equality and who take action.

Girl Up is a girl-centered leadership development initiative focusing on equity for girls and women in spaces where they are underrepresented. P&G partners with Girl Up in their vision to reach one million leaders by 2030 by supporting Girl Up’s Annual Summit and leadership programs.

Globally, Girl Up manages a network of regional affiliates, impacting 195,000 girls and youth leaders in 152 countries and all 50 U.S. states, developing transformative leaders who advance gender justice worldwide.

Join us in taking action and helping Girl Up inspire more girl leaders like Varija Mehta to use STEM skills to create solutions to problems in their communities.

Facing Opportunity Gaps 
P&G Beauty brand OLAY’s formulas have been powered by STEM professionals for over 65 years, and many of the scientists who develop these formulas are women.

This year marks the third in OLAY’s 10-year program to #FaceTheSTEMGap by helping to double the number of women in STEM and to triple the number of women of color in STEM by 2030. OLAY announced its second commitment of $1 million towards efforts to help close the STEM gap through four innovative initiatives to provide young girls with mentorship and role models to help them overcome inequities.

OLAY hopes to show girls that the future of STEM does look ‘like them’ and that success is achievable because when girls can see it, they can believe it.

Meet and learn from the women scientists leading OLAY’s vision.

Inspiring Industry Transformation: Spotlight on the UK 
In another step towards creating equal playing fields and better serving all consumers, P&G Corporate came together with OLAY and the Dr. Ateh Jewel Education Foundation, in a three-year commitment to provide donations and ongoing mentoring. This support helps aspiring Black and mixed heritage female students take their first steps toward a STEM career in the beauty industry.

To further support program mentees in developing the skillsets and attributes needed to make their dreams of becoming leading experts in the cosmetic beauty industry come true, we opened the doors for fund beneficiaries to explore our Reading Innovation Center. Here, they toured the skincare labs and anti-counterfeit testing unit to gain insight into how one of the market-leading manufacturers of beauty products innovates with the consumer at heart.

For many students, this was their first opportunity to see the practical implications of what they are learning, which solidifies that STEM education doesn’t stop at graduation and that a successful future in STEM is more than just a possibility. The fund invites students to see and believe that science isn’t only male-led and that there are opportunities for Black and mixed heritage women to thrive in the industry and create products accessible to all.

Together, with our employees as innovators and leaders, with our incredible and passionate partners, and with the collaboration of young women around the world, we’re committed to creating a world free from gender bias, with equal voice, equal opportunity and equal representation for all individuals.

Learn about our female scientists’ passion for STEM.

Enjoy this fun behind the scenes Tik Tok Series by the OLAY scientists.

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1 Data from National Girls Collaborative Project 
2 US Bureau of Labor Statistics