PCI-Media Impact Featured in IUCN February Newsletter

Feb 15, 2011 10:01 AM ET

Soap operas promote conservation and biodiversity in 16 countries

By Lindsey Wahlstrom for Sean Southey, CEC member and Executive Director of PCI-Media Impact

Gorilla, tiger and dancing coral fish mascots are coming to communities in the Caribbean, Africa and Asia through communications campaigns supported by PCI-Media Impact.

PCI-Media Impact (Media Impact) is training leaders around the world to use Entertainment-Education soap operas and social marketing campaigns to promote biodiversity in their communities. Gorilla, tiger and dancing coral fish mascots are coming to a community near you this year thanks to communications campaigns in 16 countries throughout the Caribbean, Africa and Asia.

  The campaigns to promote biodiversity conservation are produced by coalitions of local partners – non-profit organization, local government and service providers -- in conjunction with PCI-Media Impact (Media Impact).   For 25 years, Media Impact has trained partners around the world to use Entertainment-Education to address critical social and environmental issues in their communities. Entertainment-Education (E-E) incorporates vital information into entertaining media programs to simultaneously educate and amuse audiences. The non-profit organization has helped produce more than 200 such programs, most of which address sexual health and empowerment of marginalized communities. Continue reading here...     PCI-Media Impact empowers communities worldwide to inspire enduring change through creative storytelling. For 25 years, Media Impact has worked with local partners to produce programs that address the most pressing social and environmental issues. Using our unique My Community methodology, Media Impact engages and empowers audiences around the world to improve their own lives. Working with local partners, we change the world one story at a time. For more information, please visit: http://www.mediaimpact.org   PCI11870