Partnering for Impact: Q & A with Domtar

Partnering for Impact: Q & A with Domtar

Wednesday, April 23, 2014 - 2:00pm

CAMPAIGN: Making a Difference in Smarter Business


Originally posted on Huffington Post

By Javier Flaim

Sustainability is one of the most far-reaching issues of our time. To impart measurable change, neither individuals nor companies can do it alone. This makes partnerships across public and private company lines especially critical.

While working together toward this common goal is extremely important, it's not always easy. Developing successful and impactful marketing campaigns and partnerships is trying in any industry.

For sustainability-focused, for-profit companies, trying to engage your audiences around the weighty issue of sustainability can be even more difficult, as some find it challenging to manage a delicate balance between financial goals and staying true to a mission to do what's right. And having to address multiple stakeholders -- including other companies, consumers and the public sector -- only complicates the equation further. One company I've seen rise to that challenge especially well is Domtar, the sustainable paper company.

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