Open Giving Format Encourages Employee Giving

Oct 25, 2017 3:40 PM ET
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Open Giving Format Encourages Employee Giving

Best Buy’s 12,000 employees are enjoying the retailer’s new employee giving program that matches 40 per cent of their donations to registered Canadian charities. The retailer’s new open giving program, called ‘myGiving’ launched in June.

“We’ve had lots of really great feedback,” says Karen Arsenault, Manager, Community Relations at Best Buy Canada Ltd. “People are excited about the program because they often have personal connections to charities and want to give back, whether it’s in support of a family member that has gone through cancer or helping a friend participating in a run or a ride in support of a specific charity.”

The program uses a simple online tool that makes giving to charities that “are near and dear to our employees’ hearts” really easy. Employees use their corporate ID and password to sign in to make a one-time donation or set up recurring donations through payroll deduction, credit card or PayPal. “Many of our employees have been giving to the charities of their choice for many years,” says Arsenault. “They love the 40 per cent match because it stretches their dollar a little bit further and demonstrates that Best Buy supports the charity that they are passionate about.”

"What matters to them matters to us. Our business is driven by our employees. We wouldn't be where we are without them, so we want to make sure that we're retaining great people and that they're happy in their job."

Prior to the myGiving program, Best Buy focussed its employee giving on their annual United Way campaigns. And while the company is still a big supporter of United Way, it decided to move to an open giving format to better support employees in their individual choices for giving.

Once they log into myGiving, employees can pick from a long list of causes or nominate other charities that don’t already appear on the site. If an employee makes a donation outside the program, they have an opportunity to upload their tax receipt to receive the corporate match and employees can also share causes that matter most to them for their colleagues to see and consider supporting. As long as it’s an eligible registered Canadian charity, Best Buy will match 40 per cent of the donation up to a maximum of $350,000 over the year. Employees are also invited to get involved in the retailer’s local and national community initiatives focussed on connecting kids with technology.

Whether an employee gives a lot very year or nothing at all, Best Buy wants them to know about the myGiving program. “Even if they don’t use it, we want them to feel good about the company they work for and come to work feeling connected to their employer, coworkers and community,” says Arsenault. “That’s something that people are valuing more in the workplace these days.”