Obama Approved Grant Money For Green Consultant Training

Obama Approved Grant Money For Green Consultant Training

Green Careers as Sustainability Officer Offer Grants to Under-Employed
Monday, February 15, 2010 - 8:00am

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(3BLMedia/theCSRfeed) February 15, 2010 - After hearing about Green jobs for nearly two years, those looking for a career as a sustainability officer or Green consultant may now qualify for a single block grant program that is available to those who complete a simple qualification process.   The Green Business League is pleased to announce the commitment of $150,000 that can be applied to earning a certification as a Certified Green Consultant™ or a Certified Sustainability Officer™.

As hundreds of thousands of businesses make the inevitable decision to Go Green, there is an emerging market for professional consultants to provide the guidance necessary to comply with environmental compliance issues.  When this service is rendered within the company, it is the job of a sustainability officer to provide the expert guidance using a tailored process referred to as a sustainability report.

Those wishing to operate as an environmental advisor to many business clients and agencies are referred to as Green consultants.  Both the sustainability officer and the Green consultant perform a similar function, but their area of service does differ. 

Training and certification requires a three day training program offered by the Green Business League that provide an effective training program as well as a methodology for Green business certification.  For a limited time a $150,000 single block grant offers a hefty tuition benefit to those who qualify under as unemployed, under-employed, or sponsored by their employer's program.  Grants range from $500 to $750 with only modest requirements for qualification.

These trademark designations add value to any resume, and provide a valuable tool that can be used to create a new career as a Green consultant.  Most businesses take a tacit approach to Green compliance that will not stand up to anticipated regulation like those seen in Executive Order 13514.  The professional development of a sustainability plan is the primary tool required for true Green business programs.

Green consultants are capable of passing a national certification to businesses that complete a Greening program according to the personalized sustainability report.  The need for Green business certification is the primary solution to the rampant forms of Greenwashing that have been adopted by far too many businesses. 

Presently more than 300 Green consultants and sustainability officers have been trained by the Green Business League, but in light of the millions of businesses that are in need of professional assistance and Green business certification, the need for these trained professionals is a serious growth industry.  To find out more about the Green consultant training program and the Green Jobs grant, go to www.GreenConsultantTraining.com.