NRG | Transforming the Future of Solar with a Solar Electricity Plan That’s Clean, Green, and Accessible

Jul 17, 2018 9:30 AM ET

NRG Insights | Sustainability

The driving force behind NRG's new solar energy plan for businesses was – businesses. That revolutionary idea led to the development of something equally innovative – a solar energy plan made easy, simple and instantly capable of being added to any Texas company's energy approach.

To best understand the new plan, let's start at the beginning. And that starts with customers. Many told NRG's team that while they were ready to embrace solar, they weren't ready for all the logistics. These include investigating, building, sourcing, managing and financing a solar-based approach.

The solution?  A plan where everything is handled. Where solar energy is sourced and located. A place a business could point to and say ‘that's where our solar comes from.' A solution that provides a simple, predictable, fixed rate they can count on – and one, by the way, that is cost-competitive, too. 

What they wanted was the first fully "retail" solar product – one that puts a green twist on a familiar and reassuring fixed price structure. 

The result is the all-new Renewable Fixed Price Plan. This is the new shape of solar – built and tailored for business. Not just another solar deal, but a true solar solution.

"Customers want renewable energy in a scalable product," said Steven Batchelder, NRG Director, Origination. "They don't want to go out and put it all together themselves. Our motivation was to create a product for them in a way that makes things easy."

Easy it is. Affordable and accessible, too. It's a customer-oriented solution which makes sense given that it was designed by a team of energy experts in response to the pain points customers were experiencing with solar. Many are ready to embrace renewable energy as a way to meet their company's sustainability goals. What they needed was a plan that met their business goals, too.

Of course, what sounds simple often takes a committed, experienced partner to make happen. NRG sought out and developed agreements with local solar producers – doing the leg work and making the solar commitment so that an individual business customer didn't have to. One such developer is Cypress Creek Renewables, with facilities operational in 15 states and with a 2-GW solar portfolio.

"The entire solution was driven by collaboration," says Scott Hart, NRG Vice-President of C&I. "This collaboration marks the beginning of wide spread "retail" solar products in Texas.  The type of solar plan that the Texas power market was created to develop in the first place. The result is something transformative."

For businesses, displaying a commitment to renewable energy has always been admirable. Now, it's quick, easy, simple and affordable, too. Thanks to new partnerships, new thinking and the newest breakthrough in renewable energy.

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