NRG Releases PositiveNRG Year in Review - Reflects on Impacts Made in 2020

NRG Releases PositiveNRG Year in Review - Reflects on Impacts Made in 2020

Reflecting on a Year of Action
Tuesday, September 14, 2021 - 1:30pm

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“Beyond our actions and contributions as a company, [the positiveNRG year in review] reflects the hours, commitment, heart, and support of hundreds of individual employees.”

Jennifer Brunelle, Senior Director, positiveNRG

PositiveNRG, NRG’s corporate social responsibility program and the center of our charitable giving initiatives, has always been the why behind our organization, giving us the opportunity to go beyond powering the everyday and toward powering purpose.

2020 — like it did for many — solidified our need to contribute and give back, and to make an impact in the lives of those most affected by COVID-19, racial injustice, and the crises and issues of a difficult year.  From supporting those caring for us all to bolstering the initiatives of those inspiring positive change in our communities, and to supporting our employees and customers alike, our year was focused on making a measurable impact. 

The positiveNRG year in review is a snapshot of our efforts, memorializing our initiatives and providing a look at the stories and the people we have had the opportunity to help. Additionally, the review provides a glimpse at how we have navigated the challenges of 2020, as we managed to — despite the distance — stay connected, with our communities and each other.  

PositiveNRG continues to represent the power of our people:

  • Donated $5.75 million in total donations, including $2 million for COVID Relief and $1.2 million towards combatting racial injustice
  • Contributed to 600+ non-profit organizations, particularly organizations dedicated to alleviating food insecurity, supporting frontline responders, providing education and opportunities to the underserved and marginalized, and leading sustainability initiatives in their communities
  • Employee involvement resulted in $197 thousand in employee matched donations and ~3,000 volunteer hours logged
  • Assisted customers by implementing disconnection moratoriums, relaxing minimum usage requirements, waiving late fees, and providing information and access to payment assistance
  • Supported employees through our NRG Employee Relief Fund (NERF)

And through the remaining months of 2021, we continue to show the collective spirit of NRG, and the positive impact we power together.

To learn more about positiveNRG and our work in 2020, read the full review here