New Viral Marketing With The Green Points System

New Viral Marketing With The Green Points System

Monday, January 25, 2010 - 10:05am

CONTENT: Press Release

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(3BLMedia/theCSRfeed) January 25, 2010 - If your company offers a Green product or service, it is possible to offer GBL certification points (Green Points) to any customer using your offering.  Companies with Green products or services may now demonstrate a tangible Green value to their products by showing how Green Points can accumulate toward a Green business certification.

Green Business League has developed an extensive list of Green applications with an associated point value.  Believing that environmental progress must be measurable and honestly evaluated, the Green Point system allows the freedom to select appropriate environmental improvements that are best for the company while moving toward a benchmark of performance.  Using this system, companies with Green products or services can receive advanced assignment of their products or services.

Companies seeking Green certification can more easily identify choices that enhance the environmental progress of the company's operation.  Instead of a mystic journey into a Green morass, GBL Green Points allow companies anywhere to accumulate points by using Green products and services.  The silver level certification is 100 points, meaning that a company anxious to install a Green program can seek out GBL point programs that have an added value of improving the Green or sustainable impact of any business.

Green Business League has made getting a GBL Green Point assignment very simple, but be warned, they will not compromise their standards.  Non-Green products will not be allowed into the system, and no large fee will influence the decision.  The small fee is just $100 which allows large or small companies to receive fair treatment.  The key to environmental success is universal participation, so the process is made transparent and simple.  Each applying company will be given an assigned point value for the product or services providing the customer use the existing standard already being recognized by Green consultants nationwide.

The customer has no cost in acquiring points.  If the product or service has an assigned Green Point value, the purchase is all that is required.  The Green benefit is made obvious through the Green Points displayed.  The purpose is very pragmatic.  Given a simple method of installing Green practices, more companies can use this system to achieve a higher level of environmental compliance.

Using the GBL point system, real progress is made with each qualifying purchase.  The aspiring Green business need only keep records of their point accumulation to track its progress.  100 Green Points are necessary to reach the silver level of Green certification.  At each 100 point acquisition, the level of Green business certification is raised.  The highest level of Green business certification is 900 points, which is the Emerald level.

Allowing the easy access to a fair program of Green achievement is a simple yet brilliant concept.  Greenwashing is a huge problem in the marketplace at this time.  Companies routinely make Green claims that are mostly hype and are generally unproven.  There are no checks and balances of products and services offered, so the worst offerings carry the same value as the best.  The need for an easy-to-follow system is long overdue.  Green Points provide an independent system of environmental evaluation that is very hard to cheat.

Green programs are enhanced by posting their GBL Green Points, and Green businesses are encouraged to ratchet up their Green programs because there is a recognizable goal to measure their progress. The community is the ultimate winner as more and more businesses improve their operation by better choices,  Incentives are the best way to encourage environmental progress in the marketplace.  The environmental problem is a grassroots problem that needs a grassroots campaign to achieve a better world. 

Companies that acquire the GBL Green Points assignment will be provided a Green Points logo that can be used in association with the designated product or service.  This is not a certification or endorsement of the offering, but an assignment of the Green value that will be applied when it is verified to be used by a business.  Certified Green Consultants already follow this system.  Now, consumers know in advance what Green Points will be applied to the Green business certification process.  More information about Green Points can be found at

The Green Business League offers training for Certified Green Consultants and Certified Sustainability Officers who are instrumental in working with communities and businesses to provide guidance and certification assistance to all types of businesses.

Earning a GBL Green Business Certification is not merely a matter of signing up on a website and paying a fee. All Green business certifications are the result of installation of Green Practices that have a designated point value. At 100 points, the company will earn its silver level Green business certification.

To avoid any type of greenwashing or misrepresentation, all GBL Green certified businesses are annually audit to assure Green performance and compliance.