New, Free Resources Nurturing Student Curiosity Now Available From Discovery Education

May 13, 2024 10:30 AM ET
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CHARLOTTE, N.C., May 13, 2024 /3BL/ - Global edtech leader Discovery Education and a selection of corporate partners recently released an array of new, free dynamic digital resources that nurture student curiosity and support student achievement.

The newly launched resources are designed to help educators keep students engaged in learning as they approach the end of the school year by connecting classroom learning to the real-world. The new content available includes:

Virtual Field Trips

  • The Innovators for Impact Virtual Field Trip from STEM Forward, a program with Panasonic and Olympian & Presidential Medal of Freedom award winner Katie Ledecky, is designed to help educators inspire student innovation in STEM. Travel virtually to Japan with Katie Ledecky to meet and interact with Panasonic STEM specialists who are exploring innovative ways of living and working today, and in the future. A 3-time Olympian, 7-time Olympic Gold Medalist (10-time Olympic Medalist), and 21-time World Champion, Katie is a proud STEM advocate.
  • The Game Plan for the Future: A Virtual Field Trip with the NBA for students in grades 3-8 showcases how STEM concepts are helping the NBA think about sustainability in its arenas and offices and spark an individual’s interest in sustainability to improve the communities in which they are located.

Virtual and Augmented Reality Resources

Educators can discover more Immersive Learning solutions from Discovery Education here.

  • The Reach for the Sky Virtual Reality experience from Reach for the Sky – designed with Edge at Hudson Yards – is a one-of-a-kind experience in which students can control their journey and interact with their environment as they explore learning hotspots, visit a weather observation station, and take flight with a drone through the New York City skyline.
  • Discover the wonders of prehistoric Earth in this immersive learning experience with TimePod Adventures, a program created with Verizon. Available through a 3D virtual desktop experience and free in app stores, students go back 67 million years to the Late Cretaceous Period to uncover topics such as evolution, fossilization, paleontology, and more! Throughout, students are guided by an AI assistant named ADA, who provides additional information. Keyboard controls and mission objectives are always visible. Get ready for an adventure that transcends time! 

Ready-to-Use Activities

  • Educators can find new lesson plan bundles from Conservation Station: Creating a More Resourceful World—an educational initiative produced in partnership with Itron. The resources inspire students to explore water conservation, energy, and smart cities while the accompanying educator guides make it easy to integrate these resources into classroom activities.
  • A series of classroom activities from Better for Earth, Better for Us, an educational program from LG that takes students into the world of animal adaptations to observe snow leopards in real-time. With these resources, students are empowered to collaborate with their peers to create a project of their choice.
  • From Amazon Career Tours comes ready-to-use classroom activities exploring the cutting-edge careers of the future and the intriguing people and technology behind Amazon’s innovations. Resources include a space innovation tour, an exploration of a robotics fulfillment center, a tour of a data center, and more.

Engaging Videos

  • The new Financial Sense video series from Discover’s Pathway to Financial Success in Schools covers important topics such as saving, balancing spending, how people get paid, and taxes in age-appropriate videos and classroom activities. This continuously updated series is designed to help students in grades 2-5 make sense of their dollars and cents.
  • Anatomy of a Hit Song from Working in Harmony, a partnership with the Country Music Association, takes students behind the scenes of Country Music production to learn what goes into the making of a hit song. Students will go on a virtual tour exploring the making of a song and learn how STEAM is an essential ingredient every step of the way.
  • The new Defying the Digital Dilemma video from the Creative Visions Classroom program shows students that taking a break from social media doesn’t necessarily mean missing out on what’s happening in the world while also addressing the potential downsides of social media. Students hear from peers who took ownership over their social media use and learned to have a healthier, more engaged social life away from the algorithm.

“As the school year begins to wrap up, we wanted to ensure that educators had in hand some new, creative, and engaging ways to foster student curiosity,” said Amy Nakamoto, General Manager of Corporate Partnerships at Discovery Education. “This selection of content showcases relevant and appealing resources that cover important topics and use cutting-edge technologies to attract and sustain student attention."

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