The New Company-Charity Partnership

Aug 22, 2014 6:15 PM ET

The LBG Canada Blog

Companies are becoming increasingly interested in community investment as a means to support value creation in communities they touch. Community investment can help establish mutually beneficial relationships between a company and its stakeholders, contribute toward long-term improvements in the quality of life for communities, and help create an environment conducive to private investment.      

The ways in which businesses engage with charities, nonprofits and social enterprises through community investment programs, has changed significantly over past 10 years. Powerful, mutually-beneficial partnerships are emerging. Along with these partnerships come enhanced benefits for business, charities and wider society. Together more sophisticated and strategic ways of planning to achieve impact and program delivery are becoming more evident in community investment portfolios.

Businesses want to do more than “their part”, and are keen to show how their products and services have the capacity to positively impact society. New partnership models are exploring means to leverage the expertise of both the business and community partners to ensure relationships go beyond providing and receiving financial support. 

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