Net-Zero Emissions Strategy for Tech Sector

By Ingrid Estrada, Chief Administrative Officer and Chief of Staff, Keysight Technologies
Sep 20, 2021 11:00 AM ET
Ingrid Estrada, chief administrative officer and chief of staff, Keysight Technologies

Originally published by Vietnam Investment Review

The technology sector plays a vital role in developing long-term solutions to decrease climate-changing emissions. When companies take responsible action operationally and technologically, industry standards can be set for best practices and quality service provision that are realistic and aligned with the expectations of customers, investors, employees, and the needs of the natural environment.

What does “net-zero emissions” mean?

Climate change is a complex economic, social, and environmental crisis. Already, we are experiencing unprecedented extreme weather events across the globe — from wildfires to flooding and hurricanes — that affect the availability of resources and the security of communities. The consequences of climate change will continue to increase in frequency and severity until global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions are significantly reduced.

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