Mondelēz 2021 Snacking Made Right Report: Focused Portfolio

Jun 24, 2022 1:00 PM ET
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Mondelēz 2021 Snacking Made Right Report

To meet the needs of our consumers around the world, we offer a great range of chocolate, biscuits and baked snacks, including some of the world’s best-loved brands.

Offering Much-loved Chocolate, Biscuits and Baked Snacks

We offer a great range of delicious, high-quality products much-loved by consumers around the world, including Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate, Oreo biscuits and Triscuit crackers and other baked snacks. And we want to build on this great portfolio, to grow our business and bring more moments of enjoyment to people everywhere.

To this end, we are continuing to innovate and enhance our portfolio, for example by adding to nutritional credentials of snacks our consumers have grown to love. We are also enhancing our focus on encouraging mindful snacking to empower people to enjoy the products they love in ways they can feel good about.

Meeting Consumers’ Well-being Needs

Consumers today have a more holistic understanding of well-being, now including physical and emotional needs. Our focus on well-being involves meeting this expanded definition. To this end, we innovate, renovate and extend our range of snacks to satisfy consumers’ current and changing wellbeing needs. We focus on four key areas of opportunity here: Better for You; Authentic, Natural, and Simple; Functional Nutrition; and Permissible Indulgence.

Better for You

This is about understanding and responding to consumers’ dietary needs, for example by offering reduced-sugar options or alternatives with good ingredient swaps. For example:

  • Cadbury Plant Bar made with almonds (UK)
  • Oreo and Good Thins Gluten Free (U.S./Canada)
  • Oreo Zero Sugar (China)

Authentic, Natural, and Simple

This is about making the most of nature’s pure, potent and raw goodness harnessed and untouched to give maximum taste and health value. For example:

  • Hu Products – premium vegan and paleofriendly chocolate (U.S.)
  • Philadelphia Plant Based (Europe)
  • Olina’s Bakehouse Seeded Snackers – 5 Health Star Rating, gluten free (Australia)

Functional Nutrition

This is about offering snacks that not only taste good and give you sustenance but also have functional benefits too. Snacks with fortification or positive nutritional benefits to protect, rebalance, recharge. For example:

  • Perfect Snacks – organic, non-GMO, nutbutter based protein bars and bites (U.S.)
  • Grenade – high protein, low sugar snack bar (UK)
  • Tang Coco Plus Buko Pandan – with magnesium and iron (Philippines)
  • Cadbury Fuse fit bar with protein (India)

Permissible Indulgence

This is about offering indulgent snacks with more permissible recipes, in smaller sizes or portion-controlled, so you can treat yourself now and then and stay in balance. For example:

  • Mini Oreo 90 kcal/portion (UK)
  • TUC Thins portion packs (China)
  • Oreo Thins (U.S. and China)
  • Jacob's Baked Crisps - Baked Not Fried (Malaysia)

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