Meet Greg Creed

Jan 6, 2015 12:20 PM ET

Yum! Global Newsroom: People

Greg Creed is Yum! Brands new Chief Executive Officer and a Director of the Board. He leads Yum!’s overarching strategies, structure, people development and culture that will drive sales and profitability at all of the Company’s businesses worldwide. He has more than 30 years of extensive experience in marketing and operations with leading packaged goods and restaurant brands including 20 years at Yum!. Previously, Creed was head of Taco Bell and was responsible for driving overall brand strategy and performance of the business in the U.S. and internationally. He has held various roles with the Company including Chief Marketing Officer at Taco Bell where he spearheaded the “Think Outside the Bun” campaign and new product introductions that generated strong sales and profit growth for five consecutive years, as well as Chief Operating Officer for Yum! where he created a people-focused leadership approach for global operations and led the strategic development for Taco Bell International.

“We want to build three global iconic brands that people trust and champion. We’re going to get there by having very clear brand truths, very clear brand personalities and very clear filters through which we make all of our decisions. To reach our destination, we’re going to make our brands more relevant, more engaged, more connected and we’re going to demonstrate that we care as much as our customers care. This will be an evolution, not a revolution, as we build on the shoulders of giants. We want to build on everything that David Novak has done all of these years to make Yum! the Defining Global Restaurant Company That Feeds The World.”

“We have a famous recognition culture where everyone counts. It’s our biggest competitive advantage and we’ve done an amazing job with the culture in our Restaurant Support Centers around the globe. However, I believe the customer experience will never exceed the team member experience. That’s why we’re going to continue to focus on driving our unique culture to our restaurant team members. It’s also important that the leaders in our company are Smart with Heart and have the Courage to make the big decisions that will drive success in the future.”

“We are a company with a huge heart. In order to build brands that people trust and champion, we have to demonstrate that we care more than anyone else. Our brands have great initiatives around the globe to give back to the communities in which we operate, making a positive difference in the lives of our customers, associates, franchisees and their families. We also believe it’s our privilege and responsibility to address world hunger. That’s why we created World Hunger Relief in 2007 to raise awareness, volunteerism and funds for the U.N. World Food Programme and others. I’m enormously proud we’ve raised $600 million in cash and food donations, providing 2.4 billion nutritious meals for women and children thanks to the generosity of our customers, associates and franchisees.”

“We are going to lead with innovation. Our brands are the global leaders in their respective categories, and we expect to build on this strength with breakthrough product innovation, insight-driven marketing and digital leadership in the years ahead.”

Future Growth: “We expect to open over 2,100 new international restaurants in 2015, further strengthening our lead in emerging markets. We remain focused on the three keys to driving shareholder value: same-store sales growth, new-unit development and generating high returns on invested capital. I’m confident we’ll deliver full-year EPS growth of at least 10% in 2015 and produce consistent double-digit EPS growth over the long term.”