Meet Adam Warren, Shaping the Future of Innovation & Representation

For Adam Warren, Vice President of Product Development for Henkel Consumer Brands North America, being a pioneer for good is about leading with conviction, inspiring future innovators, and advocating for equitable representation.
Feb 29, 2024 10:00 AM ET

Our purpose is what unites us at Henkel North America: Pioneers at heart for the good of generations. Our pioneering spirit is reflective of the diverse backgrounds, experiences and talents of our employees and partners. They dare to make an impact on the world by collaborating to tackle challenges, find solutions and open new perspectives.

Their contributions allow us to deliver products, services and innovations that enrich and improve everyday life. We invite you to “meet” our pioneers in our series, “Pioneers for Good.”

Adam has been a part of the Henkel family and Research & Development (R&D) organization since 2013. He is an inspirational leader that oversees the team responsible for driving innovation and product formulation for Henkel Consumer Brands including all®, Persil®, Purex®, Snuggle®, and Dial®.

From identifying new trends to working with emerging technologies that put Henkel at the forefront of innovation, Adam is dedicated to encouraging his team to take risks in their work. Innovation drives Adam professionally, but he is also committed to paving the way for future generations and pushing for increased representation in leadership.

“I came to Henkel through an acquisition, but I stayed because it’s an amazing place to work and I absolutely love it.” He credits Henkel for providing continuous opportunities to grow and do the work he loves while impacting the daily lives and routines of consumers. “For me it’s always been a passion of mine to improve the lives of consumers and I get to live that passion every day.”

Driving Innovation at the Heart of Henkel

According to Adam, innovation is the fundamental reason his team exists. “We create the future,” is the mantra at the core of his research and development team’s purpose and at the forefront of what inspires their work.

They create the future, armed with consumer trends and research and an intentional pursuit to be bold in thinking about how to reinvent our products and technologies to create something new. There is a unique vulnerability about being bold, it can trigger a fear of failure while being a pillar of success. Failures happen – it’s part of the creative process, but Adam believes that creating an environment that encourages bold creativity and pushing boundaries ensures that the overall process moves toward the success of the team.

Inspiring the Next Generation of Innovators

Like his work, Adam is innovative in the ways he supports and advocates to increase representation. Mentorship is one tool to do this. As a former INROADS intern himself, he knows the value of having mentors who invest the time to advise and guide the next generations. “I have had a diverse set of mentors throughout my career for different needs from developing technical skills, navigating workplace culture, and shaping a career path.” And he pays it forward through being a mentor and sponsoring Inroads interns in R&D.

He always finds a way to say ‘yes’ to opportunities to give back and lend his voice to conversations tied to his core values of community, culture, and DEI. Adam understands the importance of being able to physically and culturally identify with leaders and is part of the work to increase equitable representation.

I believe in the fact that representation matters. When people can see a version of themselves on leadership panels and speaking engagements, it helps them to better visualize their career opportunities.

Adam Warren, Vice President of Product Development for Henkel Consumer Brands North America

Adam believes leaders need to bring their own personal brand of authenticity to the workplace and to their teams. His personal brand of authenticity is anchored in integrity and leading with conviction. It is not only a governing principle in his life but how he intentionally shows up for his team and work at Henkel.