Making the World More Hospitable

How the Hospitality Industry can be Instrumental in Closing the Youth Employment Gap
Jul 27, 2018 4:00 PM ET

Making the World More Hospitable

Young people will always find ways to employ their time. With more than 3.5 billion of them under the age of 30, it’s imperative that their employment is with purpose and value. Yet today, an astonishing 71 million young people around the world are left wanting for that.

The Travel and Tourism industry has that kind of work—it expects to generate 100 million new jobs in the next decade. Collectively, it is already one of the world’s largest employers; the industry is responsible for one in every ten jobs globally, in nearly every country of the world, including emerging markets.

Because of its size and scope—and the fact that a number of jobs in the industry are ideally suited for new job seekers—the industry is in a unique position to help solve the youth unemployment dilemma, and to better understand its challenges. For the second time, Hilton collaborated with the International Youth Foundation to launch the 2017 Global Youth Wellbeing Index. It ranks youth wellbeing in 29 countries across seven indicators: gender equality, economic opportunity, education, health, safety and security, citizen participation, and information communications technology. The countries included in the Index account for almost 70 percent of the 1.8 billion young people ages 15–29 living worldwide.

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