Making HER Money Count

Mar 8, 2021 10:05 AM ET

Making HER Money Count

by Rachel McDonough, CFP,  Make Your Money Count 

All of the chapters in my money story could be summed up with three words: make it count. As a Financial Advisor, I’ve had a decades-long fascination with squeezing value and meaning out of every dollar and helping my clients do the same. I even named my business Make Your Money Count, LLC. But the essence of my money story focuses on faith more than finances.

My personal definition of success—what it means to make my money count—has never been reduced to asset growth or optimized risk-adjusted returns. True financial success comes when we thoughtfully combine money with meaning and (for those who are so inclined) faith. Wealth is best managed according to a purpose higher than self, a principle I saw lived out in my family.

One thing I learn about money is that our core beliefs shape our values. Our values determine our priorities. Excellent financial decisions always align with those values and priorities. When we use money this way, we avoid regrets and create the impactful, meaningful life that we desire. Our financial decisions essentially carve out a pathway for our lives.

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