Mai Thi Le Quyen’s Story: From Lawyer to Entrepreneur

Mai Thi Le Quyen is an expert lawyer and now, with support from HerVenture, an expert entrepreneur also.
Feb 16, 2023 5:45 PM ET

Originally published by The Cherie Blair Foundation for Women

Mai Thi Le Quyen is a lawyer and CEO at Finch Law in Vietnam. She felt confident in her legal knowledge but wanted to boost her entrepreneurship skills to strengthen her business. That’s when she discovered our award winning business skills app, HerVenture.

My name is Mai Thi Le Quyen, lawyer and CEO of Finch Law Limited. Finch Law provides legal consulting services for domestic and foreign businesses. In addition, we also provide FDI consulting services for businesses of food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and medical equipment exporting to the US market.

I find the HerVenture app very useful because it’s very convenient. We can learn anytime, anywhere. I find that it builds the lessons in the form of games and I learn things through those games that motivate me to pursue the next lessons. I have learned strategic planning using SMART principles, the process of project management and some financial management skills from HerVenture.

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