Liz Hamburg, President and CEO, Taproot Foundation, Speaking at Skoll World Forum, Oxford, UK

Session: Wednesday, April 15th: Leveraging Time and Talent for Social Impact
Apr 7, 2015 12:30 PM ET
Liz Hamburg, President and CEO, Taproot Foundation.


“Stop the Funding: Social Sector is Fully Resourced.” Until we see this headline across international newsfeeds, social change organizations should consider this simple Latin phrase to help them move their missions forward — “pro bono.”

Post-revolutionary Egypt, fast-growing China, Slovakia, Hungary, Singapore, Canada, India, Germany, and the U.S. – each a different culture facing its own set of social challenges that NGOs and social entrepreneurs are driven to solve. If we can’t expect to see these organizations be fully-resourced financially, how can we expect them to thrive?

The increasing adoption of high-impact pro bono service around the globe is an innovative solution to this problem. “Pro bono publico” is a Latin term meaning, “for the public good.” Over the past 14 years, the Taproot Foundation has been working to broaden its application beyond legal services to other professional skills – marketing, finance, HR, IT, and more.

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