Lisa Morden: What I Now Know

Lisa Morden: What I Now Know

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Monday, October 3, 2022 - 8:00am

CAMPAIGN: Diversity & Inclusion

CONTENT: Multimedia with summary

Lisa Morden, Kimberly-Clark’s vice president of safety, sustainability and occupational health, joined fellow sustainability team member, Tinika Brijlal, for the Women’s CoLab ‘What I Now Know’ (WINK) series to share lessons learned throughout her career journey and advice for women and girls of all ages.

Lisa discussed the value of mentorship, bias in the workplace, how she overcomes self-doubt and imposter syndrome, and why she encourages those around her to be both curious and courageous. Check out the full WINK conversation here.

“When faced with forks in the road in your personal or professional life, the best decisions are made when you’re clear with your holistic self and you stay grounded in what matters most to you,” said Lisa.

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