LG Residential and Commercial Solar Panels Combine Performance, Convenience

Advanced LG Solar Solutions on Display at SPI 2017 Outperform the Competition with Innovation, Reliability
Sep 11, 2017 2:00 PM ET

LAS VEGAS, September 11, 2017 /3BL Media/ - LG Electronics USA is bringing a diverse range of solar products to Solar Power International 2017 to showcase its lineup of high-power and advanced integrated technologies catering to both the residential and commercial markets.

“The solar market is very diverse and each homeowner or business has a different need. LG is committed to providing reliable, durable, easy to install and sleek solar panels to any application,” said Stephen Hahm, vice president and head of LG Electronics USA’s Energy Solutions business.

LG offers a best-in-class 25-year product and performance warranty on NeON R, its premium product. As a leader in consumer electronics and applicances for the last 60 years and an innovator in solar technology since coming to market over 20 years ago, LG puts its manufacturing expertise to the test.

The LG NeON® R 60-cell solar panel is a premium residential panel with all electrodes on the rear side. The sleek panels create a polished aesthetic, with improved temperature coefficient and heightened visual appeal making it an all-around win for energy-conscious homeowners.

NeON®2 ACe
The first of a collaboration with Enphase Technologies for residential installation, the NeON®2 ACe reduces installation time by half, compared with conventional modules, while offering cutting-edge technology. The simple installation process with integrated AC module allows installers to quickly install and set up their panel, with remote monitoring technology.

Launched in 2015, LG’s best-seller NeON 2 features innovative Cello technology, which utilizes circular-shaped wires to scatter light for better absorption through spreading the current with 12 thin wires. NeON®2 reduces electrical loss, increasing power output and reliability.

NeON®2 Black
The NeON®2 Black touts the same power and performance of the NeON®2 with 6.4 kWp capacity with 20 modules (60 cells) compared to competitor’s 285W p-type Mono panels with the same number of modules that generate only 5.7 kWp. The black design sets it apart as it is almost undetectable against the roof with it’s seamlessly sleek appearance.

NeON®2 Black ACe
Combining higher power output with 60 cells and a sleek aesthetic, the NeON®2 Black ACe includes an Enphase micro inverter ‘IQ6 Plus’. Homeowners can enjoy a seamless black aesthic with advanced power generation system.

NeON®2 BiFacial
The NeON®2 72-cell boasts a higher efficiency by design with a double-sided power generation, which allows the panels to produce more energy with a smaller footprint. LG’s newest models feature a series of 72-cell modules that make it easier to manage space when installing a largescale system without sacrificing energy output.

NeON®2 (72cells)
Compared with the conventional 72-cell multi module, the NeON®2 (72-cell) achieves higher power output and module efficiency, and performs even on cloudy days due to its low energy reduction in weak sunlight. Ideal in a commercial setting, the NeON®2 (72-cell) makes it easy to manage space when installing large scale system, by reducing the total number of strings due to its high module efficiency.

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