From Leaky Windows to Building Codes, This Is How the Infrastructure Bill Will Tackle Buildings

The bill contains $5 billion for programs addressing energy efficiency in buildings—but still doesn’t go far enough.
Nov 9, 2021 12:45 PM ET
abstract rendering of a building
Image courtesy of FastCompany [Source Images: ZernLiew/iStock, valigursky/iStock]

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The $1 trillion bill in President Joe Biden’s Build Back Better plan has dedicated about $5 billion to a wide range of programs geared to reduce electricity use in buildings, improve the materials used to build them, and train more people to design, build, and maintain energy-efficient buildings.

These are crucial investments, according to Narada Golden, VP and leader of built ecology at the global engineering company WSP USA. “If the U.S. is going to lead on climate, our buildings will need to be twice as efficient as they are today. They will also need to be powered by clean renewable energy sources,” Golden says. “Accelerating innovation in low-carbon buildings through deep energy retrofits and building electrification are critical steps toward creating the clean energy economy of the future.”

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