This Company Is Making Freight Transportation Cleaner

Depending on the application, the road conditions and the type of cargo transported, the new system generates fuel savings that can reach up to 25%, also providing less wear on the components and less waste in the environment.

PotlatchDeltic 2022 ESG Report: Idaho Tree Planting

Tree planting is one of the most important investments a timberland company undertakes, setting the stage for the future and ensuring all the benefits that forests provide are perpetuated.

Green Fuels: A Solution for More Sustainable Air Travel?

SAF is “drop-in" fuel, compatible with current engines (which is not the case with hydrogen, for example) which can be blended with up to 50% conventional jet fuel (for commercial aviation).

Is the Future of Harnessing US Offshore Wind Power Looking Less Turbulent?

The winds of change are expected to blow across the States as plans progress towards rapid renewable energy expansion – with offshore wind being a key player in the US decarbonization strategy.

DP World Provides New Finished Vehicle Solution for Essential Mexico-United States Trade Route

Global end-to-end logistics services provider DP World has designed an industry-first solution based on using 53-foot intermodal containers with racking systems to transport finished vehicles by rail from Mexico to the United States and Canada.

Revving Toward Sustainability: Celebrating Our 200th Electric Vehicle Charger Installation in Maryland

We reached a major milestone in our quest toward providing a more sustainable future with the installation of our 200th electric vehicle (EV) charger in Maryland.

Energy Performance and Multifamily Housing Asset Value

CBRE has conducted an analysis to understand how energy efficiency upgrades in multifamily housing (MFH) can impact the market value of an asset.

Community Solar: A Growing Opportunity Within Commercial Real Estate

This Viewpoint aims to highlight the benefits and opportunities from community solar for commercial property owners, particularly in urban areas with high renewable energy demand but limited properties that can accommodate on-site solar.

The Latest Advancement in Commercial Construction Is … Wood

The unique wood structure of 619 Ponce in downtown Atlanta is the result of collaboration with customers on their unmet needs, innovative thinking and a focus on long-term value creation.

The Ray Releases “State of The Ray 2023”

The Ray, a leading nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing net-zero transportation and energy infrastructure, has released its highly anticipated 2023 annual report—State of The Ray 2023.

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