Leading the ESG Space With Niki King of Clorox

Apr 29, 2024 9:35 AM ET

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Originally published on Impact Podcast

Niki King is the VP and Head of Sustainability for The Clorox Company, where she oversees the company’s integrated IGNITE ESG efforts including driving strategies and roadmaps to achieve the company’s ambitious ESG goals and implementing the company’s ESG governance structure. She is also responsible for engaging a broad set of internal and external stakeholders to embed ESG throughout the organization and ensure Clorox continues as a leader in the ESG space.

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John: Welcome to another edition of the Impact Podcast. I’m John Shegerian, and I’m so honored to have with us today, Niki King. She’s the VP and Head of Sustainability for the Clorox Company. Welcome to the Impact Podcast, Niki.

Niki King: Thanks so much for having me, John.

John: It’s an honor to have you here today, representing such an iconic and important brand. And before we get talking about all the things in sustainability you’re doing with your colleagues at Clorox, I’d love you to share a little bit about your background. Niki, where you grow up, and how’d you get on this journey, and who inspired you along the way?

Niki: Absolutely. I currently live in New Jersey, but like many of my peers and sustainability professionals, I’ve really had quite the journey. If you would have asked me 25 years ago what I would be doing, it certainly wouldn’t be this, nor would I have imagined this roller coaster that my career has been. But I grew up in a tiny town in rural Alabama. We literally had one-stop life and a face in the courthouse window. So that’s a true story. You can Google it. It’s an interesting one. That’s the claim to fame. I had pretty humble beginnings.

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