LBG Canada Employee Giving Program Management Trends

a case for employee engagement
Mar 3, 2014 5:30 PM ET

Employee engagement, vital to any organization, is a key driver of employee motivation. An effective way to engage employees involves having targeted community investment initiatives and employee giving programs. For these programs to be successful, proper management and administration is required. Effective communication, clear guidelines outlining when community partners are eligible for matching and executive champions for employee giving programs result in high program awareness and employee participation rates, and ultimately result in successful programs.

LBG Canada companies understand the importance of employee giving programs, as 84% currently offer matched giving programs. LBG Canada companies also recognize that effective management and administration of employee giving programs result in successful giving programs and increased employee engagement. 88% of LBG Canada companies have a communications strategy to promote employee giving programs. The attached infographic illustrates important performance statistics and trends within employee giving program management that LBG Canada companies are achieving.