Kohler: Building Resiliency for a Sustainable Future

Apr 6, 2023 10:00 AM ET

Kohler is committed to providing mission-critical energy solutions and building resiliency for a sustainable future. Collaborating with Robert Swan, a small KOHLER team designed a custom energy solution and powered the Undaunted South Pole expedition to success. Swan has dedicated his life’s work to the preservation of Antarctica and the planet through promoting renewable energy and sustainability to combat the effects of climate change through his 2041 Foundation.

This customized KOHLER generator utilizes a KOHLER diesel engine fueled by hydrotreated vegetable oil (HVO). The fuel is 90 percent carbon neutral and sourced entirely from waste products, making it part of a circular economy. HVO is a high-quality replacement of fossil diesel made from waste vegetable oils and other sustainable materials. It allows generator users to adopt low carbon, renewable energy without compromise on performance.

Kohler’s portfolio of energy products is built to withstand harsh weather conditions and provide reliable, resilient power when the grid cannot, making them a dependable energy solution for Swan. Kohler has a proven history of resilient power solutions that have survived the unforgiving terrain of the South Pole. More than 90 years ago, Admiral Richard Byrd powered his Antarctic journey with KOHLER generators, and they were his only means to communicate back to the civilized world from the depths of the Antarctic. Swan and Kohler’s partnership on the Undaunted Expedition honors the progress of resilient and clean energy solutions and celebrates future possibilities of helping to control climate change and preserve the planet.

For details on our carbon reducing generators, click here: https://hvo.kohlerpower.com/