Knowledge Sharing Knockout

Knowledge Sharing Knockout

Wednesday, April 28, 2021 - 7:40am


From California to Alabama, Rachel Ryan, Haley Toporowski, Claire Kelly Doyle and Angelina McArthur work (almost) coast to coast within GP’s corrugated business.  Over the last year, these employees (and many more in the business) have found different ways to share knowledge, learn new skills and expand their networks.

While these “box” biz employees who work in manufacturing don’t don gloves and spar, their efforts are a knockout when it comes to sharing knowledge. Anyone can join in on the conversations which include online sessions and guest speakers. For example, a recent conversation focused on the difference between mentors and supervisors. And, it was a mentor relationship that developed via Rachel Ryan, Area CI manager and Haley Toporowski, Area CI specialist, in Modesto last year that helped validate the need for this type of conversation among employees.  

“The conversations Haley and I were having led us to believe that this would be a great opportunity to bring women together in corrugated and focus on issues related to working in manufacturing – and talk about leadership, too,” said Ryan. “The more we shared the concept with others, the more excitement for the idea grew.”​

Six meetings have been held thus far and have included a blend of participants from across the company and more are joining each month to be part of the conversation.

For now, all meetings are held internally via Microsoft Teams.  Speakers thus far have included the vice president for Dixie operations, the vice president of corrugated operations, and the director of operations at GP’s Bradford manufacturing facility.  Some of the topics for conversation have addressed setting effective boundaries at work, Imposter Syndrome, the value of gratitude and leadership principles.​

That’s exactly what Ryan and other leaders envisioned. Our goal is to create interesting content for everyone,” Ryan said.