Kimberly-Clark’s Howard Sharfstein Named Sustainability “Pro” of the Year

May 25, 2017 9:00 AM ET
Lisa Morden, Senior Director of Global Sustainability for Kimberly-Clark, presents Howard Sharfstein with the first-ever Crystal Tree for Sustainability “Pro” of the Year.

Kimberly-Clark announced that Howard Sharfstein, the company’s Associate General Counsel for Environment, Energy, Safety and Sustainability, has received a Crystal Tree Award as Kimberly-Clark’s first-ever Sustainability Pro of the Year. The award is the company’s highest internal recognition for individuals whose work helps drive social and environmental impacts that make our communities and workplaces better for future generations.

Sharfstein guides the company on a variety of legal, compliance, and sustainability related topics. He supports the company’s larger focus on social impact, forest stewardship, waste reduction and recycling, and increasing energy efficiency, while maintaining compliance throughout the supply chain.

“Howard’s sustainability and compliance efforts help us live our core values and demonstrate how sustainability connects with our vision to lead the world in essentials for a better life,” said Tom Mielke, Senior Vice President and General Counsel. “In addition, his focus on environmental, health and safety compliance helps reduce risk for our business.”

Sharfstein is instrumental in sharing the company’s work in the annual sustainability report. The report highlights stories of how employees bring sustainability aspirations to life, and provides a comprehensive overview of the data and progress toward Kimberly-Clark’s sustainability goals.

“At Kimberly-Clark, we know that for our business to succeed, we must maintain a sterling reputation, care about stakeholders’ interests, and shrink our environmental footprint,” said Sharfstein. “In 2022, we will reach our 150th anniversary as a business – and by keeping sustainability at the heart of our plan, we’re paving the way for future success.”

Terry Balluck
Kimberly-Clark Global Communications